Heat transfer dye sublimation inkjet ink



1.Value vivid eight color pigment  from Korea high grade material, ...enhanced your image quality.

2.Fast dry formula, dye sublimation transfer paper or high quality inkjet ink paper without drying problem, escape 

   make your product damage at long term printing.

3.Neutral co-solvent added, prevent the print media become yellowish or others chemistry damage material.

4.Super black dye sublimation ink, easy to get super darkness fiber.

5.Excellent light fastness, vivid color stay outdoor 2 years.

6.Added stable moisture solvent without clogging problem even print 24 hours a day,  piezo nozzel check still 100%




1.Stable disperse dye material protect your micro piezo head without clogging problem, save your cost.

2.Special excellent formula eco glycol added with no smell and user friendly.

3.Super black ink, darkness is high density over 2.5.

4.Light fastness: Black 8BWS, Cyan 8BWS, Magenta 8BWS, Yellow 7BWS, Light cyan 8BWS, Light magenta 8BWS

5.Without bleeding problem even print at 360 dpi high speed.


Technique index:

1.Filter with 1u absolute filter system.

2.Added solvent no smell.

3.Surface Tension measure control under 32 dyne.

4.Color chrome adjusted same as EPSON OEM ink, Delta E value under 2, density equal to OEM ink.

5.Viscosity value 4 for micro piezo head was control, fit for refill into OEM cartridge with air compress system too.

6.Surface Tension was control without banding problem, no matter your printer head is new or old.

7.Transfer temperature at 185-200C degree, 30 seconds.


EPSON L1800 body separate pdf document:


L1800 body.PDF


Products Model Number:                      

1.Black  :  PN: DBK210PG8T5B83 5.Light Cyan : PN: TRN55PG8B83T5
2.Cyan :   PN: TRN250PG13T5D2  6.Light Magenta PN: TRS55PG8B83T5
3.Magenta : PN: TRS250PG8H5T4B83 7.Fluorescent Magenta PN: FLM001
4.Yellow : PN: TGS120PG8B83T5 8.Fluorescent Yellow PN: FLY001

Quality is our faith: 

disperse dye material dye sublimation cleaning thinner for lower ink viscosity dye sublimation cartridge and chip excellent dye sublimation transfer paper
great brand solvent added make good quality 38X38;40X60cm heater print fiber or paper is good for quality fluorescent color dye sublimation ink hundred order packing 20 liters safety



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