High Grade Water Pigment waterproof ink!





1.Epson water pigment; Normal poster output, we use water pigment ink install on micro piezo head with waterproof and excellent printability.

2.HP water pigment; Used on HP5500UV, HP8100/8600 920 printer head.

3.Art paper ink; Used on Epson L1800 for art paper with excellent effect.

See  Epson L1800 clean system   R.O.C. pattern no. 528888.

4.Art paper ink; why install on EPSON L1300 printer?  

a. The L1300 cleaning system will strong clean and one more time clean waste ink in the tube.

    (L1800 is design for dye, so clean power weaker than L1300)

b. The L1300 print color layer is yellow behind magenta 1cm, magenta behind cyan 1cm, so it is easy to dry.

           EPSON L1300 color layer diagram


c. The clean tube is fit for water pigment with resin, not easy to dry in the tube.


5.Heat Transfer on fiber; water pigment ink print on transfer paper stand 200 degree C, color will not change to yellowish.

6.Textile pigment ink; This ink install on direct print printer, can print cotton T-shirt must precoated.

Main Product:

piezo head compatible water pigment (EPSON)  thermal compatible water pigment (HP) piezo head art paper ink heat transfer ink textile pigment ink





   100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 5kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg


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