High grade water UV dye ink!



1.Use Germany colorant (BASF; Clariant; Bayer; Ciba...),excellent vivid color, enhanced your image quality.

2.Fast dry after printing, wide format printer printing ,long image printing without drying problem.

3.The soft co-solvent additive, protect the tube will not be etch by ink,  the ink will not makes media yellowish.

4.Super black dye ink,density can get 2.5,it can be print on photo paper very smooth grayscale.

5.Excellent anti-UV ability, outdoor UV have half year, without light fastness problem。

6. Import special surface tension additive from Japan, without any clogging problem, excellent wetting character, good printability.



1.Colorant import from German Lanxess company, good solve ability, without clogging problem.

2.Additive co-solvent no smell, good printability.

3.Super black, nature grayscale, high glossing, vivid color, especial bluish, satisfied your customer.

4.Light fastness: Black 3BWS, Cyan 6BWS, Magenta 4BWS, Yellow 4BWS, Light Cyan 6BWS, Light magenta 5BWS。

5.Surface tension control,360dpi high speed printing, print head will not bleeding and clogging.

6.The ink can print tracing paper, kept the ink will not blur on the tracing paper.



1.Filter with 1u filter, without clogging problem. 

2.Dye solve 100%, without print head alignment problem.

3.Surface tension control under 32 dyne.

4.PH control buffer liquid PH=8.5。

5.Color same as Epson original ink.





 L300/L310/L355/L555/550/L1300/L1800/T50/1390/WF-series 4531...

Brother  J430/J410/J100/J200...complex printer
HP  8100/8600/OJ-Pro...

 IP2770/MB5000 series...


PRODUCT NUMBER:                      

 Epson (6-8 colors); L1800, 1390, L805, T50
1.BLACK :  PN: SP180S30EN 4. YELLOW: PN: GN260DBSF30 7. LK: PN: X30S30EN
2.CYAN:   PN: BF150S30EN  5. LC : PN: GA60S30EN 8.LLK: PN: X20S30EN
3.MAGENTA : PN: SN140S30EN(B6G10) 6. LM : PN: F3B60S30EN    



Epson (7-8 colors); 9800,9880, 9890, 9600/7800,7880,7890,7600/ 10600,10000
1.BLACK :  PN: SP210S30EN 4. YELLOW: PN: GN280DBSF30 7. LK: PN: X30S30EN
2.CYAN:   PN: BF160S30EN  5. LC : PN: GA55S30EN 8.LLK: PN: X20S30EN
3.MAGENTA : PN: SN120S30EN(B6G10) 6. LM : PN: F3B60S30EN    




Epson (4 colors); L300, L350, L385, L1300
1. BLACK :  PN: SP180S30EN 3. MAGENTA : PN: SN100S30EN(B6G10)    
2.  CYAN:   PN: BF140S30EN  4. YELLOW: PN: XP225S30SF30    



Brother (4 colors)
1. BLACK :  PN: SP180S30EN(B6) 3. MAGENTA : PN: SN150S30EN(B6G10)    
2. CYAN:   PN: AE120S30EN  4. YELLOW: PN: L250S30SF30    



HP (4 colors)
1. BLACK :  PN: SP190SD75 3. MAGENTA : PN: SN135PGSD25    
2. CYAN:   PN: AE65DMH7E3 4. YELLOW: PN: GN230PGSD7_P4    



Canon (5 color)
1. BLACK :  PN: SP180PGSD75 3.  MAGENTA : PN: SN160PGSD25 5.LK PN:SP85SD75
2. CYAN:   PN: AE120DMH7E3 4.  YELLOW: PN: GN250PGSD7_P4    




excellent color dye base acid / direct dye  dye ink flushing Thinner for lower ink viscosity(THD001) cartridge and chip HOT high grade photo paper and inkjet paper
high grade solvent added supply 100ml packing HOT fit for different print media special super black for film(SP350DBSF20) 熱銷 20liters packing HOT




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